League -Lolas Tango Appliers for League Skins

League Lolas Tango Appliers*League* Lolas Tango Appliers for League Skins

Each tone includes a Skin Applier and a choice of 3 different Nipples built into one HUD:

League Lolas Tango Applier Hud

League Appliers are made to match the latest skinlines but work well with previous skins, all except for the earliest skins Misty and Kate that vary significantly in skintone.

*Appliers are HUDs that apply textures to Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
Lolas! Tango Mesh Breast Attachments are sold by the Creator Sandi Moonites and are not on sale at League.

*Make sure your Lolas Tangos arent tinted or they wont match-if youve previously tinted them, make a copy and tint everything white again before using the Applier.

Note: Lolas Tangos let you choose different Nipple shapes by clicking on the Breast and choosing “Nipples” from the Menu- (Puffy, Plane, Normal or Hide) – these will change the appearance of the League Nipple textures to larger or smaller, so try them and choose your preferred shape for the texture.

Get the Appliers now at League Mainstore Skin Section

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