*League* L.inc Phat Azz Appliers

League L.inc Phat Azz Appliers

*League* L.inc Phat Azz Appliers for *League* Skins

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L.inc Phat Azz is a lower body avatar mesh add-on for curvy derrier and hips by CK Winx at Luck Inc.
*League* Phat Azz Appliers do not include the Phat Azz, but contain the Applier Huds which will apply the skin texture to enable you to wear them seamlessly* with League Skins.
Each tone pack comes with several Huds to cover all *League* Skins except Misty & Kate, and each includes 2 pubic area options: shaved or landing strip, just click to apply.

*Seams = Lighting: This applies to all avatar add-ons.
Default lighting in SL reflects differently off of the avatar to that of mesh, creating seams where they don’t exist in the textures or objects themselves – we need to use an even light:
Set Windlight to Nam´s Optimal Skin 1, then go to Preferences – Graphics and untick Basic Shaders.
This will give you a very clear view of your avatar and mesh textures. Other windlight settings to try are Nam´s Optimal Skin 2, CalWL (Caliahs Windlight) and AnaLu Studio5.
“But if I change from default others wont see my avatar as I do”- youd be surprised how many already use their own lighting/graphic settings, including designers, bloggers, photographers, those who have sim lighting enabled, those with shadow activated etc. You cant control how others see you, only your own SL experience.

Note: Due to the perms required with these Huds, your purchase will come in a bag which you’ll need to rez on the ground to open, apologies for any inconvenience.

If for any reason you need another copy, go to the Redelivery Terminal in-store where all your purchases from the Mainstore are available for instant redelivery 24/7.
Do give the system time to process though if you’ve just made your purchase.

TP to League Mainstore


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