League Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers: Luna

League Lelutka Head Appliers: Luna*League* Lelutka Head Appliers – Luna

Available in 2 Sets with a selection of different eye makeups and lipsticks in each (both also include a natural face), Freckles option and a choice of 5 brow options.

Eye makeups are on the upper Base Layer of the Lelutka Head meaning that you can use the upper Makeup Layer for other things, for example: layer another eyemakeup over the top for different effects or wear moles/beauty marks/alternative brows/absolutely anything else on the makeup layer, and still have made-up eyes!

Lipsticks are on the Lower (Lips) Makeup Layer of the mesh head so that they can be adjusted with the Blend and Gloss options on the Lelutka Head Hud to achieve a variety of different shades and effects.

League Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers -Luna -Coming Soon!Pick up a free Demo before purchase and try the Demo Huds!

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2 responses to “League Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers: Luna

  • Jess

    looks good too bad the mesh heads all have the same look, it’s a fun game to pick out the clones. It’s disappointing when my fav store comes out with something new that’s not really useful. Good work though on texturing, i’m not knocking that!

    • Fleety

      After trying demo appliers for the mesh heads from every store that I know of that has made appliers league was easily the best and she trumps all the other appliers with all the cool options she includes, so I found it a very useful release and on a side note people have been looking like clones on sl far before mesh heads came out, and anyone who says they make you look like clones obviously hasn’t tried to find a skin/head combo that works for them, or they would realize how much difference a skin can make to a mesh head.

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