Updates! Maitreya Body & Slink Physique Appliers

*League* Maitreya Body Appliers now include the much requested Pubic Hair option!
Slink Physique Appliers have also been updated with improved textures to bring them up to speed with the other body appliers, Slink Hand and Feet Appliers aswell! Collect your free updates by visiting one of the Redelivery Kiosks instore.
Vendors for Maitreya and Slink Physique have also been updated with Demos so you can now try before you buy.

*If you bought from the unscripted vendors at the Skin Fair then we sent your update to you earlier this week, if you didnt get yours for any reason then write to League Resident inworld for Redelivery.

Q. I bought recently, how do I know if I have the updated versions?

A. Maitreya Body Applier vendors were updated on 14th March. Slink Physique Appliers were updated on 17th/18th March, and finally the Slink Hands & Feet Vendors were updated on 24th March. Right-click your item in your inventory, go to properties and check the date after “Acquired”.
For the body appliers, if the vendors had demos when you purchased then you have the updated version!

Still in doubt?
If your Maitreya Body Appliers include 2 Huds per tone, one labelled [Shaved], you have the updated version.

Slink Hands & Feet Appliers: if yours include blend tattoos then you have the updated version.

Slink Physique Appliers: if your bag unpacks automatically on wearing/rezzing without clicking it (on a sim that allows scripts) and does NOT unpack a script called “unpacker” to your inventory along with everything else, then you have the updated version.

If still in doubt, dont worry, just collect or request a Redelivery. x

Tp to League Mainstore!

One response to “Updates! Maitreya Body & Slink Physique Appliers

  • Kayla Bombastic

    The updates are amazing, thank you so much! The pubic hair looks so great and I LOVE that it is on the skin. Only wish I could choose the color of the pubic hair since I’m blonde. I won’t be wearing the pubic option as is, which makes me want to pout. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for the option to choose the color.

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