*League* Catwa Appliers: Ella

League Ella Catwa Appliers
*League* Ella Catwa Appliers, created primarily for Catwa Annie but fits some of the other Catwa Head models, try the Demo before purchase! (The mole in this picture is a WIP and not included, a Catwa Mole set is coming soon!) Ella is available in 7 tones, each includes:

On base layer:

  • Natural eyes and 5 eye makeups
  • 4 eyebrow colours: Black, Brunette, Red and Blonde
  • Browless

On makeup layers:

  • 2 cat Eyeliners
  • 2 Lip Stains
  • 2 Lip Glosses
  • Freckles

Makeup layers can be modified, specifically faded or tinted with the Catwa Main Hud, for example for stronger freckles tint them brown, for more subtle freckles increase the transparency.
Coming Soon!To achieve the shape in these pictures with the Annie head, go into Appearance – Edit Shape and under the Head Tab adjust Head Stretch to 23 (you may have to reposition your eyes).

*League* Ella Catwa Appliers, instore now!:

Tp to League Mainstore!

5 responses to “*League* Catwa Appliers: Ella

  • Jewel Heart

    Make us some more CatWa appliers now ! Love this, finally feel my avatar is complete.

  • Cara

    She is absolutely gorgeous, Nena!

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  • Princesskalika

    this skin is the perfect blend. even the african tones are spot on! the lighting and shading are in perfect balance. your catwa skin is amazing! i can now wear darker tones without the shadows blacking out half of me (this happens allot with darker tones in sl. it’s rare to find someone who really understands each tone) i do not know if you will be making more catwa skins.but if you do, with tones like these, you’ve pretty much got a forever returning customer in me :). thank you for your hard and thoughtful work.

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