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*League* Skin Sofia (BoM)

*League* Skin - Sofia - BoM
Sofia is a Bakes on Mesh Skin package created for LeLUTKA Erin (Evolution Line).
Includes a Browless Base Skin plus the following BoM Tattoo layers:

  • 3 Lip Glosses (Tintable)
  • 4 Eyeliners
  • Freckles (Tintable)
  • Blush (Tintable)
  • 7 Brows in Black, Brown, Auburn, Ginger and 3 Blondes (Tintable)

Make sure you have BoM activated on your mesh head and body.
You can use Bakes on Mesh (BoM) layers with any Bakes on Mesh head and body, but the look will vary between brands and product lines. As head UVs differ, faces usually suit best the brand they were created for, in this case the Lelutka Evolution line.

About the body included with League BoM Skins:

The default body of our bakes on mesh skins is the Slink Physique fitting skin base. When we started updating to bakes on mesh this was the first fully functioning bakes on mesh product, and as many use the Slink hands and feet with other products, we decided it was the best option for us overall. For additional cleavage and pubic options, Body appliers are available in the store (if you previously purchased appliers, BoM layers are a free update, collect your updated package via the Redlivery Kiosks in store).

What if my body isnt Slink?:

We have included hands and feet tattoo layer fixers to increase compatibility with other brands mesh bodies. For full body coverage/closer body fit/more options please see the appliers packages for various mesh bodies available in store. These all now include BoM layers.

The full skin option is so that you can use this product as a skin and it will not fall off or incorrectly stack as tattoo layers can.

Demos are available for all in store.

*League* Shape Sofia
*League* Shape Sofia
Includes one shape and 2 eyebrow shapes, all mod/copy so that you can adjust and make variations if desired.

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*League* BoM Updates Part 3

*League* BoM Updates Part 3

If you have already purchased any of the items listed here please use the Redelivery Kiosks instore to get your updated packages.

*League* Ella
*League* Ella Brows
*League* Moles/Beauty Marks
*League* Amaia Classic Brows

Updated items are also indicated instore.
Items continue to be updated gradually between releases, thank you so much for your patience!

More coming soon!


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