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E2V Vendor System Notice

You may have heard about the E2V system closing already, its affecting alot of stores in Secondlife, it is/was a great system and David is a great guy so Im sad to see him go, but life happens and I wish him all the very best. But this has consequences for all of us thats important for you to know:

E2V Notice - League

Again, apologies for the inconvenience and thankyou for understanding.

Tp to League Mainstore

League logo

League GiftCards!

League  GiftCards Now Available

GiftCards now available at League Mainstore

League GiftCards are totally flexible, youre not required to enter details of the recipient at purchase, instead YOU recieve the Card and can then give the gift yourself personally- when you want to, how you want to, to whoever you want!

How to Purchase:

Click the terminal to begin purchase, youll recieve the GiftCard and then be given the option of choosing one of the values on the menu, or entering your own amount. Very easy to use, the menu will prompt you at each stage to guide you through the process.

How to Redeem a GiftCard:

Wear your Card and click on the GiftCard Redeemer Terminal to transfer the value of the GiftCard to your Credit, this can then be used to purchase any item at League Mainstore including Skins. To buy an item with Credit Right-click on any vendor, select menu, then select “Credit” from the drop-down menu.

Further Info:

Credit can be used on any and all items at League Mainstore only, unless stated otherwise, and not at satellite stores or events. Click on the Store Credit Terminal to check your current Credit, and the Redelivery Kiosk incase of delivery failure or inventory loss to have a previous purchase resent (this will only work for purchases made at League Mainstore from August 2012 onwards, and not satellite stores). For failed delivery of items from the Marketplace, contact Nena Janus inworld.

*League* Store Credit

*League* Store Credit

Current promotion: 5% Store Credit earned (3% in Skin Section) on all purchases from League Mainstore! This is automatic for everyone, no group required!

No group needed, rates & rules may be revised at a future date.
Find information on your current store credit balance by clicking on one of the store credit terminals on the wall at the entrance, or check chat history as you purchase.


  • Right Click the vendor and select “Menu” (or “Touch”)
  • Choose CREDIT from the blue drop down

– done! The item will be sent to your inventory
*Not enough credit to buy the item you’d like?
Pay the Store Credit Terminal (see image above) the amount youd like added, it will be added to your current store credit.


  • Right click the vendor and select “Menu” (or “Touch”)
  • Choose “Buy as Gift” from the drop down menu.
  • In open chat, type the username of the avatar you wish to send the item to, making sure spelling is correct.


  • Click on the Redelivery Kiosk (see image above) and follow the link to select the item youd like resent.

Gift Cards now available! See Here