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*League* Legacy Body BoM Layers

Now available at League Mainstore!

Includes nipples and no nipples options in chest sizes B, C and D as well as Cleavage options.

Also included are black and brown options of pubic hair. These layers are to be worn over your existing League Skin layer included with your head/skin purchases, these will work for all League skins (excluding Misty and Kate).

The Legacy bakes on mesh/bom layers come in tones Fair, Pale, Medium, Sunkiss, Suntan, Deeptan and Dark or the complete row of all tones.

Please try demos that are available before purchase, make sure you remove any other tattoo layers for feet or hands that you may be wearing to fix issues so that you see only the League options on your Legacy body, hands and feet.

For any issues please contact League Resident in world by Notecard or IM.

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*League* Skin Sofia (BoM)

*League* Skin - Sofia - BoM
Sofia is a Bakes on Mesh Skin package created for LeLUTKA Erin (Evolution Line).
Includes a Browless Base Skin plus the following BoM Tattoo layers:

  • 3 Lip Glosses (Tintable)
  • 4 Eyeliners
  • Freckles (Tintable)
  • Blush (Tintable)
  • 7 Brows in Black, Brown, Auburn, Ginger and 3 Blondes (Tintable)

Make sure you have BoM activated on your mesh head and body.
You can use Bakes on Mesh (BoM) layers with any Bakes on Mesh head and body, but the look will vary between brands and product lines. As head UVs differ, faces usually suit best the brand they were created for, in this case the Lelutka Evolution line.

About the body included with League BoM Skins:

The default body of our bakes on mesh skins is the Slink Physique fitting skin base. When we started updating to bakes on mesh this was the first fully functioning bakes on mesh product, and as many use the Slink hands and feet with other products, we decided it was the best option for us overall. For additional cleavage and pubic options, Body appliers are available in the store (if you previously purchased appliers, BoM layers are a free update, collect your updated package via the Redlivery Kiosks in store).

What if my body isnt Slink?:

We have included hands and feet tattoo layer fixers to increase compatibility with other brands mesh bodies. For full body coverage/closer body fit/more options please see the appliers packages for various mesh bodies available in store. These all now include BoM layers.

The full skin option is so that you can use this product as a skin and it will not fall off or incorrectly stack as tattoo layers can.

Demos are available for all in store.

*League* Shape Sofia
*League* Shape Sofia
Includes one shape and 2 eyebrow shapes, all mod/copy so that you can adjust and make variations if desired.

New Releases out now exclusively at the Mainstore: ♡

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*League* BoM Updates Part 3

*League* BoM Updates Part 3

If you have already purchased any of the items listed here please use the Redelivery Kiosks instore to get your updated packages.

*League* Ella
*League* Ella Brows
*League* Moles/Beauty Marks
*League* Amaia Classic Brows

Updated items are also indicated instore.
Items continue to be updated gradually between releases, thank you so much for your patience!

More coming soon!


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*League* @ Skin Fair 2020

League @ Skin Fair 2020
Hana -Genus Bakes on Mesh includes a full skin in a Blonde brow and Browless version. Further options on BoM tattoo layers include:

  • 3 Eyeliners
  • 2 Freckles
  • Lip Gloss
  • 5 further brows in Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Red and Grey

Make sure you have BoM activated on your mesh head and body. To activate Genus you may need:

The included Brow options should be worn over the Blonde Skin for best effect. The Browless Skin is included to combine with other brows purchased separately.
The Grey Brow is for tinting so that you can match to many more hair tones and colours!

*The full body skin that is included on the skin layer is body specific, if it is not the fit for the body you wear, the other bodies League supports are available in the store, with additional options for cleavage etc.

Hana Shape, available separately:
League @Skin Fair 2020

*League* Glitz Eyeshadow – Genus BoM
League Glitz Eyeshadow @ Skin Fair 2020
All of the releases above are exclusive to the Skin Fair, Demos can also be picked up at the Mainstore:

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*League* Black Friday Sale & BoM Updates

*League* Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale

25% OFF all Mesh Head Appliers from Friday until 2nd December.

Vendors are already discounted, but you must wear the Skin Addiction group tag to purchase.

To celebrate this event, for a limited time only pick up a Limited Edition Set of Crush! Lipsticks for just 10L$. Includes Lelutka Appliers and Bake on Mesh layers.

*League* Crush! Lipsticks Limited Edition

Bake on Mesh Updates

*League* BoM Updates

If you have already purchased any of the items listed here please use the Redelivery Kiosks instore to get your updated packages.

All Body Appliers (Slink, Maitreya and Belleza)
Aria Slink Visage Applier
Alessa Lelutka Applier

Updated items are also indicated instore.

BoM Body Applier layers are tattoo layers that will be worn over any existing League skin you own, and will work with system heads or mesh heads if bakes on mesh is active. You must have a bakes on mesh updated viewer to see bakes on mesh.

Head Applier BoM Updates include all the multiple options and makeup layers, many are tintable but note that a few are not due to the way the layers were created in the past they could not be separated from the base skin. Updated Head Applier packages also include a full base skin (if you wear a Slink body it will be a perfect fit).

Updated Demos are available for all items. Bakes on mesh may work across different products but were created especially for the brands and models indicated.

More updates for Bake on Mesh to come!

Enjoy the Sale & have a great weekend.


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*League* Baked on Mesh Feet & Finger Fixers

*League* Baked on Mesh Feet & Finger Fixes

Due to the Bake on Mesh release and the return of the use of System layers skins, we are delighted that this means people will be able to use our extensive range. However due to the skins having been created for the SL default avatar, they will have lines in the feet and nails as part of the skins for toes and hands. I have created some tattoo layers as a free gift that will fix that for you and that are also tintable if needed. You will find them in the skin section of the League Mainstore.

If you have any questions please contact League Resident.
For information on Bake on Mesh refer to thank you

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*League* Clothing Appliers: UPDATES!

League Clothing Appliers -UPDATES
After many requests we have started updating some of our more popular clothing items to now include appliers! We will add other options as time permits, but of course we are trying to focus on new items.

The following have now been updated to include Omega, Slink and Maitreya Appliers:

  • Folklore Leggings
  • Seashell Blouses
  • Frayed Denim Shorts

If you already own the items updated, please use redelivery terminals in the League Mainstore, if your items are not listed there, please send a notecard to Nena Janus titled:

– League Update (Name of Item) (your Avatar name ) –

Inside the notecard you can list the items you are seeking updates for. If items were gifted, please include the name of the person that gifted them to you. Please only use avatar names, not display names.

*General note: Remember that in the store, only items whose vendor image shows omega,slink &/or maitreya logos contain appliers. Mesh clothing, unless indicated otherwise, is for the standard SL avatar; always check vendor info &/or try the demo where available!*

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