*League* Legacy Body BoM Layers

Now available at League Mainstore!

Includes nipples and no nipples options in chest sizes B, C and D as well as Cleavage options.

Also included are black and brown options of pubic hair. These layers are to be worn over your existing League Skin layer included with your head/skin purchases, these will work for all League skins (excluding Misty and Kate).

The Legacy bakes on mesh/bom layers come in tones Fair, Pale, Medium, Sunkiss, Suntan, Deeptan and Dark or the complete row of all tones.

Please try demos that are available before purchase, make sure you remove any other tattoo layers for feet or hands that you may be wearing to fix issues so that you see only the League options on your Legacy body, hands and feet.

For any issues please contact League Resident in world by Notecard or IM.

TP to League Mainstore!

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