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*League* Skin Fair 2018: Now at the Mainstore!

Coming Soon: Skin Fair 2018
*League* Alessa Lelutka Appliers, worn above on the Lelutka Greer Head, include 2 slightly different fits, A and B, to be compatible with more Lelutka heads. The hud comes with 5 brow options on the base skin and this time all other options are on upper layers so they can be used with other skin bases too!
There are 5 eyeshadows and 5 eyeliners that can be combined if desired using the rerouting option on your Lelutka Hud, 5 lipglosses which can be softened with the Lelutka Hud for more or less gloss and a combination of Freckle and Mole Options!
2 new Shapes for Alessa are available at the Fair, Shape A is shown on Lelutka Greer and Shape B is on Spencer:

Coming Soon: Skin Fair 2018
Coming Soon: Skin Fair 2018

*League* Crush! Lipsticks below also include 2 fits and too many colours to count in shades from pale to dark that ensure you’ll find the right tones among them for your skin base (and outfit!)

Coming Soon: Skin Fair 2018

*League* Amaia Classic Brows below were made in response to requests for more brow options for Amaia, theyre worn here on Lelutka Simone and will look different on different Lelutka heads so as always try the Demo!

Coming Soon: Skin Fair 2018

Now at the Mainstore: Tp to League Mainstore!

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*League* Belleza Body Appliers

League Belleza Body Appliers
Belleza Body Appliers, with multiple chest shading options, no nipple options (for various clothing requirements) and pubic options: instore now! Try the Demos!

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*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers!

League Lelutka Head Appliers -Edit: Out Now!

*League* Lelutka Head Appliers – Milla

Available in 2 Sets with a selection of different eye makeups and lipsticks in each (both also include a natural face), Freckles option and a choice of 5 brow options.

Eye makeups for Milla are on the upper Base Layer of the Lelutka Head, this means that you can use the upper Makeup Layer for other things, for example: layer another eyemakeup over the top for different effects or wear moles/beauty marks/alternative brows/absolutely anything else on the makeup layer, and still have made-up eyes!

Lipsticks are on the Lower (Lips) Makeup Layer of the mesh head so that they can be adjusted with the Blend and Gloss options on the Lelutka Head Hud to achieve a variety of different shades and effects.

Pick up a free Demo before purchase and try the Demo Huds!

Also out now, to wear with Milla (or with any other Lelutka Head skin base):

*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers: Moles/Beauty Marks

*League* Lelutka Head Applier Moles/Beauty Marks

A range of different mole/beauty marks appliers in one Hud; 8, each with a mirror option for a total of 16 appliers. Moles on the upper half of the face are on the Upper(Eyes) Makeup Layer, those near the lips are on the Lower(Lips) Makeup Layer, so you can play with a range of combinations; being on the Makeup Layers means you can use the Gloss and Blend options on your Lelutka Head Hud to lighten the moles/beauty marks if needed to just the shade youd like for your skin or add gloss to your eyes and/or lips!

Includes 2 Huds, one regular and one darker for darker skins.

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*League* Maitreya Mesh Body Appliers!

*League* Maitreya Mesh Body Appliers

*League* Maitreya Mesh Body Appliers:

Compatible with all League Skins (except the earliest Misty/Kate).

Huds Include 8 Chest Options comprising of 4 Chest Styles: B, C & D Cup plus Cleavage, each including an option without nipples.
Pubic Area is shaved.
With the Maitreya Bodys “Neck Fix” turned on via the Maitreya Mesh Body HUD, the gap at the neck seam is fixed and the texture blends into whatever skin is worn on the avatar.

To use these Appliers you will need the Maitreya Mesh Body from here: Maitreya

Get the *League* Maitreya Mesh Body Appliers here: League Mainstore


*League* TheMeshProject Body Appliers

League TheMeshProject Body Appliers

8 Chest Options including cupsize B, C, D and Cleavage, each with/without nipples.
Blend tattoos included in Row1 tones ensure compatibility with the avatar skin at neck for all League skins (except Misty&Kate) if body is worn without a Mesh Head. (Not needed for Row2 Tones at present)
Shaved Pubic Area

To use these Appliers you will need to purchase TheMeshProject Body (Appliers do not work with the free version!), from here: The Shops

Tp to League Mainstore!

*League* Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers

League Slink Physique Appliers

*League* Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers:

Compatible with all League Skins (except the earliest Misty/Kate).

Huds include 4 Chest Options and choice of Pubic hair or Shaved.
Automatically applies textures to Slink Hands & Feet as well as the Physique.
Includes an extra Base layer Applier for compatibility with Lolas Tangos. (Appliers for Lolas Tangos themselves are available separately.)
Blend tattoos included in Row1 tones, ensure compatibility with the avatar at neck, hands & feet for all skins whether Slink Hands, Feet or Visage Head is worn or not. (Not needed for Row2 Tones at present)

To use these Appliers you will need the Slink Physique (plus ideally the Slink Hands & Feet), from here: Slink

Get the *League* Slink Physique Appliers in the Skin Section of League Mainstore: League Mainstore


*League* AMD Baby Bump Appliers

*League* AMD Baby Bump Appliers

*League* AMD Baby Bump Appliers include Appliers for all League Skins except the earliest lines Misty & Kate.
Appliers are made to match each skin, if you find they appear not to match then please read the notecard included explaining SL light settings for mesh avatar add-ons.

To use these Appliers you will need the Baby Bump by Apple May Designs, here: Apple May Designs

Get the *League* AMD Baby Bump Appliers in the Skin Section of League Mainstore on the Appliers Wall: League Mainstore Skin Section


*League* L.inc Phat Azz Appliers

League L.inc Phat Azz Appliers

*League* L.inc Phat Azz Appliers for *League* Skins

TP to League Mainstore

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League Slink Feet Texture Appliers for League Skins!

*League* Slink Feet Texture Appliers for League Skins

*League* Slink Feet Texture Appliers; HUDs to match your Slink Feet to League Skins with a click!
*Includes Texture Appliers only – Mesh Feet are not included, these can be purchased from Slink. (If youve bought the Slink feet before today youll need to collect the new updated version from the Redelivery Terminal at Slink Mainstore.)

Also, a free gift! *League* Natural French Manicure Toenails Applier:

League Gift -Natural French Manicure Toenails Applier

Out now at League Mainstore Skin Section

p.s. The Nyx Corsets & Skirts previously at the Whore Couture Fair and featured on the blog are also now up at the Mainstore!