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New Isla Skin @ League

*League* Skin Isla -New Release
Isla comes in 7 tones with 16 make up options, all skins include Blonde, Black and Brunette Brows plus a Red Brow Tattoo layer

Isla includes :

2 Chest Options (C & D), plus Black , Blonde & Brunette Brows (on the skin)

Cleavage Dehancer A & B – clothing and tattoo layer options

Cleavage Enhancer E- clothing and tattoo layer options

Nail Base Cover for False Nails – clothing and tattoo layer options

Hairbase Tattoos – Dark , Brunette, Blonde & Light Blonde

*NEW* Red Brows – Tattoo Layer

Freckles – regular, dark – Tattoo layer

Pubic Area (landing strip) – clothing and tattoo layer options

Lipstick in matt version – tattoo layer

Eyebrow Shape

Skin Set (A or B) Bonus :

Lipsticks of the 8 makeups in the pack in both regular & Matt

Fat Pack Bonus :

ALL 16 lipsticks in regular and Matt for maximum combinations…

Lipstick Tattoo Layer Additional Packs (different colours than available with the skins) :

Unlike those included with the skins, these lipsticks may be compatible with other skins ( lipsticks included in the skin packs include skin tone blending) , demos are available to try before purchase. Purchasable separately these mini packs come with one colour lipstick in three mild variations of strength…depth may vary due to tone of skin worn.

Isla is now at League Mainstore.

League Isla -New Release

League Isla Teaser

League Teaser

League Skin Isla – Coming Soon!

Image by Kallisto Destiny ❤

Geometric Dresses for One Voice

*League* Geometric Dresses -One Voice

New Exclusive Release for the One Voice event, of which a scripted 100% of proceeds go to the cause.
Each dress is one full colour (as shown on the model on the right and center left), including 3 cuts and multiple layers, to be worn as a dress, a long top, or a crop top, but also to be combined with other colours to create your own looks like the examples shown on the other models.

These are available both at the One Voice Event and at the Mainstore, vendors at both locations donate 100%.

About One Voice:

Curio’s Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process in Second Life requires that when there is legal action taken against your content, Linden Lab will remove it from the grid until a ruling is made. Gala’s fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the substantial legal costs she will incur in contesting these baseless claims.

The fundraiser will be held from July 9-22.

This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it’s necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn’t.

Click HERE to teleport to One Voice.

Click HERE to tp to League Mainstore.

League Sideshow Jewellery Set

League Sideshow Jewellery Set

League Sideshow Jewellery Set, featuring miniature antique picture frames, includes 3 Styles of Necklace and 6 pairs of earrings, plus blank versions for your own images!

Now available at League Mainstore:

Click HERE to teleport.

League Isla Special Edition Preview Skin

League Isla Special Edition Preview Skin

Intoducing League Isla Special Edition -Deepsmoke, a Preview Skin of an upcoming release, available in 7 tones.


3 Chest/Cleavage options (included on the skin)
3 Brow Options: Black, Blonde & Brunette  (included on the skin)

Additional features:

Pubic Hair
Lipstick in Matt
Bonus Lipstick
Nail base for false nail matching
4 Hairbase Tattoos: 2xBlonde, Brunette & Black
2 chest dehancers
2 freckles tattoos
Eyebrow shapes

Demos available instore:

Click to Teleport to the League Skin Department 

New for League

*League* DayDream Necklaces for Collabor88

Daydream necklace set comes with 5 styles of necklace. One long pendant, one short pendant and three tiered versions. All necklaces come on chest or spine attachment points. The necklace cameo comes with moving clouds or still, built around the theme for this months Collabor88 which is “Daydream”
You can find the Daydream necklace at Collabor88 until June 7th for 88L , only while at Collabor88.

League @ Collabor88

*League* Silver Sequin Scoop Dress

*League* Cruz

*League* Metallic Painted Eyes Makeup

*League* Metal Leaf Makeup

New items available at Culture Shock 2012. Each item is exclusive to Culture Shock during the event duration. Special metallic Make Up available in Gold, Silver, Bronze & Copper, or Fatpack- Fatpacks of the Metallic make ups, as well as the Cruz make up pack contribute 50% to Medecins Sans Frontieres which is the charity for this event. The scoop dress is also available during the event in a never before released silver version.

There are demos of the make ups available to try, so that you can be assured of the perfect fit to your skin.

League at Culture Shock 

For other League items visit the League Mainstore orMarketplace 

Introducing Jen by League

Mirror Info Board Jen with Background

Jen Blonde Shot

Introducing Jen, the latest League skin line. Now available in the newly renovated skin area of the League Mainstore.

Jen is available in 7 Tones and comes in single make ups, mini packs and fat packs.

Jen has:

3 Cleavage options (included on the skin)
Brunette Hairbase  (included on the skin)

additional features:

Pubic Hair
Lipsticks in Matt
Nail base for false nail matching
Blonde hairbase and brows
2 chest dehancers
eyebrow shape

Fatpack Bonus:

Regular & Matt lipstick on tattoo layers

Demos available in the store.

Click to Teleport to the League Skin Department 

League Organic Silk Dresses

*League* Organic Silk Dress for Collabor88

The Organic Silk dress and top comes on all layers with modify prim parts.

Pick it up @ League Mainstore or Marketplace 

League New Release – Zipped Leather Pants, Sequin Scoop Dress

*League* Zipped Leather Pants & Short TankTops

*League* Sequin Scoop Dress

Now available in the League Mainstore in Second Life .

Click HERE to teleport.

Sequin Scoop Dress on Marketplace

Leather Pants & Tank Tops only available at the League Mainstore at this time…

Click HERE for more Marketplace Listings for League.

League New Release – Suede Wrap Dress

*League* Suede Wrap Dress

Now available in the League Mainstore in Second Life and Marketplace.

Click HERE to teleport.

Click for Marketplace Listings: Suede Wrap Dress

Click HERE for more Marketplace Listings for League.